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Shanda Hurst


Data-driven Swiss army knife of digital commerce when you just need one more hand.





Driving eCommerce Growth with Data-Driven Leadership

Your business is on the cusp of scale but you are spread thin and need more resources. You can’t hire more resources until you scale. As a fractional ecommerce director, I bring the data-driven expertise to define a strategy, leadership to guide growth, and that extra hand to get it all done. 

Sure hundreds of others can do the same, but do they love it as much as I do? I am the girl who is talking to her friends about optimization ideas in the ski lodge after a few runs. Or sharing how stoked I was about a recent campaign while pushing my bike up the mountain. I am so passionate about this industry and I can do just about anything. From optimizing customer journeys and the web experience to developing retention flows or managing software implementations and dev teams, my tenacity and excitement allow me to find success again and again. 

What I Do


Conversion Optimization

My process begins long before A/B testing. I specialize in pre-test analysis to quickly identify friction areas before spending any time on a hypothesis. This narrows down the backlog of ideas into high-impact opportunities. My innate skills as a product owner allows me to execute them efficiently with company-wide consideration across departments for growth.


Retention & Lifecycle

I specialize in elevating your e-commerce strategies throughout the customer lifecycle. From subscription models, loyalty programs, and replenishment flows to generating high-quality leads. My dedication lies in ensuring your customers return time and again, fueling sustainable growth and maximizing revenue potential at every stage of their journey.


Digital Growth

I have well-rounded experience in all things website management, from optimizing SEO and effective merchandising techniques to ensuring a seamless mobile journey. I also fuel revenue growth and profitability through analyzing online channels and optimizing with market strategies and promotions that resonate with your target audience and brand.

What I Am Really Good At!


Data Analysis and Insights

I am certified as a Google Analytics 4 expert and dangerous in many other data platforms. I can build reports and share business insights or provide a roadmap to growth. I can help businesses transition from Universal Analytics, set up custom events, and provide in-depth training on utilizing analytics data.

Strategic Roadmaps

Developing strategic roadmaps tailored to each business's goals and objectives, I provide a clear roadmap for achieving long-term success in the ecommerce space. By aligning business strategies with market trends and customer insights, I help businesses stay competitive and adaptable in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Conversion Optimization

I analyze web data, device usage, site performance, sales/marketing channels, user journeys, and customer behavior to pinpoint improvement areas for boosting conversion rates across the entire funnel. My qualitative research offers strategic insights and guides efficient A/B testing for achieving substantial growth with minimal resources.


Website Merchandising

I optimize product displays, promotions, and content to enhance the overall shopping experience and drive sales. I help businesses showcase their offerings effectively and maximize revenue potential by curating compelling product assortments and implementing effective merchandising strategies.

Shopify Management

Ensure your online store operates smoothly and efficiently by staying up-to-date on new features, tools, and updates within the Shopify ecosystem. With a deep understanding of Shopify's capabilities and best practices, I navigate the platform adeptly to maintain and optimize your site's functionality.

MarTech Implementation:

Assessing marketing technology needs and opportunities, I define requirements, evaluate solutions, and oversee the implementation of MarTech tools to streamline workflows, improve marketing performance, and drive business growth.


Subscription Strategy

Developing subscription-based business models and strategies, I optimize subscription offerings, pricing structures, and retention tactics to maximize recurring revenue and customer lifetime value.

Retention & Flows

Implementing customer retention strategies and loyalty programs, I foster long-term relationships, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value through personalized engagement and exceptional customer experiences.

Acquisition & Lead Generation

Developing and executing acquisition strategies across digital channels, I drive targeted traffic, optimize conversion funnels, and generate qualified leads to fuel business growth and expansion.


Agile Product Owner

I facilitate collaboration between cross-functional teams, scope requirements across stakeholders, prioritize product backlog items, and ensure the delivery of valuable features that meet customer needs and business objectives within iterative development cycles.

Scrum Processes

 Implementing Scrum processes and frameworks, I foster transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement within development teams, ensuring efficient project delivery and alignment with business goals.

Dev Team Management

Managing development teams and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, I oversee project execution, resource allocation, and performance optimization to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions on time and within budget.

Mathew de Jong

Senior Engineering Leader

"If you get a chance to work with Shanda, DO IT! Shanda is a talented and rare mix of attention to detail and able to set and drive the larger strategic picture. She possesses the technical understanding and the business reasoning to be an asset to any ecomm business as both a leader and contributor."

Brien Kennedy

Growth Director

"Shanda is the most strategic and valuable member of my team. She is a demonstrated thought leader in CRO, subscription, promotions, paid media and analytics. Her ability to command the room and truthfully own a project and its output is beyond valuable.

Chloe DiSabatino

Senior Designer

"No matter the project or assignment, Shanda was excellent at fostering collaboration, solving problems and leading the way through complex situations.  I cannot say enough positive things about her leadership, her ecommerce knowledge, and her positive attitude and outlook."

Jessica Cosca

Brand Manager
Brand Manager

"Shanda is one of those super-humans that CARES so deeply about the work she does. She has a very strategic process-oriented mind.  Beyond, she is a true team player with superpower gift of team building & relationship building."

Ways I Can Help


One-on-one time to review data, share historical insights, and give direction to support growth. This can be a one-off or consistent occurrences.


Ongoing support with committed weekly hours to use as needed, aligned with experience, and accompanied by weekly deliverable outlines.


Following our initial project scope, I'll offer a detailed project bid outlining expected outcomes, steps, and cost.

Fixed-Price base on Scope:

  • Discovery

  • Analysis

  • Outline Requirements

  • Implementation

  • Quality Assurance

  • Documentation

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